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Qi Gong For Integrating Yin & Yang

A Somatic Exploration of Feminine & Masculine

A Five-Week LIVE Virtual Class

+ Course Website with Recordings & Supplemental Videos

Fall Schedule Coming Soon!

We exist as an expression of dynamic polarities. When these polarities are healthy, they support, enrich, create, and balance each other. When they are unhealthy, they can deplete, oppress, destroy, and imbalance each other. This polarity dance is taking place inside us moment to moment, as well as in our relationships and more broadly in the natural world and the cultures and institutions that shape our human experience.

Qi Gong Description
Image by Nick Fewings

No matter what our biological sex, gender, or sexual orientation is, we live as an expression of feminine and masculine energies. How we work with these energies directly relates to our mental and emotional wellbeing, our physical health, the health of our relationships, our sense of purpose, and our spiritual life. 

For too long, this dynamic polarity has been reduced to overly gendered cultural expectations that have led to imbalance, division, domination, oppression, and destruction on every scale. 

We can try to flatten or neutralize the polarity to minimize harm, but that often has unintended consequences. The alternative is learning to dance with it and integrate it.

Join us on the journey of breaking out of the binary, reclaiming the healthy feminine and masculine inside of us and creating the foundation for how we can bring dynamic polarity and healing into our lives and relationships.

This Class will focus on:

  • Learning qi gong movements to invite more energy, balance, and ease in the body

  • Learning how to nurture the healthy expression of our masculine and feminine energy

  • Releasing the unhealthy and wounded expressions of our masculine and feminine.

  • Releasing stress and stagnation while increasing resilience and aliveness in the body

  • Creating a virtual community that is supportive, heartfelt, and playful

Image by Дмитрий Хрусталев-Григорьев

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, movements, breathing techniques, and focused intention. It is a low-impact form of exercise that can be practiced by people of all fitness levels. Soma is a Greek word that means body. The field of Somatics is an exploration of how we know ourselves and connect with the world through our bodies. It also explores how our bodies shape and are shaped by the world around us.

The course includes:

  • 5 hour-long guided qi gong and somatic practices exploring our theme for the day.

  • 15 minute optional  Q&A after class

  • Short weekly videos offering context for our exploration and practices to integrate what you are learning into everyday life

  • All classes will be recorded, and recordings will be posted on the course website

THIS CLASS IS FOR people of all biological sexes, genders, and sexual orientations of all fitness levels. Whether you are non-binary or strongly identify as female or male, feminine or masculine, this class is designed for you to explore this dynamic polarity in a way that supports your flourishing. 

Image by Diego PH

Week 1

Embodying Yin & Yang

Learn qi gong and somatic practices for experiencing our aliveness as an expression of yin and yang. 

Week 2

Flow and Aliveness 

We will explore feminine aliveness through practices related to embodiment, flow, compassion, intuition, magnetism, intimacy, and surrender. We will also explore feminine wounding and shadow.  

Week 3

Presence and Integrity

We will explore masculine aliveness through stable presence, structure, purposeful directionality, integrity, and transcendence. We will also explore masculine wounding and shadow.

Week 4

Harmonizing Yin & Yang

Learn how to notice the shadow spiral where the feminine and masculine wound, oppress, and deplete each other and shift toward the spiral of harmonizing, integrating, and mutually supporting. 


Week 5

Aliveness Dancing in Space

Our final class will be a celebration of the integration of the masculine and feminine. It will involve guided practice and a dance party.

About Sophia

For 17 years, Sophia has practiced Qi healing through Reiki, acupressure-massage, and holistic counseling. Qi Gong, martial arts, and Shamanism have played an integral part in tying together the aspects of duality to find oneness, for here the true journey of healing embraces all cycles as all parts of ourselves. 


Sophia was introduced to Qi Gong in 2012 by her colleague and teacher, Jay DeMaio, and just in the past year she has been training with Michael Winn and even more with Jay. As a Lemurian Shaman, Sophia leads women back to the magic of their wombs through healing sessions, women circles, and Belly Dance Qi Gong classes. Read full bio here.

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About Geoff

In addition to being a Qi Gong teacher, Geoff is a licensed acupuncturist, somatic trauma bodyworker, meditation teacher, conflict mediator and developmental coach. For the past 15 years, Geoff has trained extensively in Qi Gong primarily through the study and practice of Ba Gua Zhang, as well as Tai Chi, Medical Qi Gong, and Zapchen Somatics. They teach about facilitation, leadership, Qi Gong, and emotional resilience at the University of Virginia.  Learn more about Geoff here.

 "Geoff's humble, genuine, and playful way of being masterfully engages students and empowers them to grow in self-awareness and self-love. As an instructor myself, I have learned a great deal from him about holding space, trusting the process, and finding more joy in teaching and learning."

- Polina Mischenko

Qi Gong Registration

Choose Your Registration Option

The standard price of the course is $150.  In an effort to make the class more accessible during these economically uncertain times, we are offering a sliding scale where you can choose what to pay based on your life circumstances. Those paying at the higher end support our ability to offer free and low-cost services to those who are less able to afford them. Email us about a scholarship if you would like to attend but are unable to afford the sliding scale.

First Class Only


Best option for trying the class out before signing up for the whole series
  • Access to LIVE Class 1

  • Option to sign up for full series after completing the first class

5-Class Series


Best option if you are ready to sign up for the whole series. You choose where on the sliding scale fits with your financial reality.
  • 5 Live Classes

  • Optional Q&A 

  • Weekly videos and practices that support integration of the material

  • Access to recordings of the classes and Q&A for six months

Series + 1-on-1 Coaching


Best option for the most personalized and in-depth learning
  • 5 Live Classes

  • Access to recordings of the classes for six months

  • Personalized qi gong instruction

  • Feedback on qi gong form

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions

  • Unlimited Q&A 

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