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Coach Mentorship

1-on-1 mentoring for coaches and facilitators who are looking to take their craft to the next level and more fully embody their art

“I’ve been working with Geoff for the past year and during that time his warm and gentle support and encouragement and tremendous skill (as an IFS and somatic coach) have helped me work through old trauma that kept me stuck in an unhealthy relationship and unfulfilling work. I’ve been able to leave that relationship and move into the career I’ve always wanted but never felt capable or worthy of having. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Janet Pal, Facilitator & Coach

What I Offer

Okay, here is what I am not offering you - secret success formula for your first $100,000, marketing strategies that will 10X your leads and conversions (have you seen my website?), a fancy certificate that no one really cares about anyways.

What I can offer is 1-on-1 mentoring for coaches and facilitators who are looking to take their craft to the next level and more fully embody their art. Trainings are great, but once you have reached a certain level as a coach, you start to realize that the most significant and catalytic development comes through mentorship. I have been mentoring facilitators, coaches, and leaders for over 10 years.  I LOVE this work with an undying passion. My partner has even discovered that just asking me a few geeky questions about human development is the most reliable method for pulling me out of the deepest funk. I bring all of me to this work, and I am committed to showing up with integrity, transparency, and a fierce and loving dedication to your development.  I can guarantee your coaching and your life will never be the same. Below are a few areas of focus that are my areas of deepest expertise and passion. They are also what I find are most often missing in coaching trainings and are some of the most fundamental elements for real growth and transformation.

Understanding Adult Development

Coaching without a nuanced understanding of developmental theory and the science of human development is like trying to help someone get to a destination without a clear map or compass. I have spent 10 years studying and teaching developmental theory, but the map is not the territory. The true learning has come from applying it in my work and witnessing my clients develop in ways that have radically changed the trajectory of their lives.

Developmental Trauma & Attachment

A coach's ability to understand developmental trauma and human attachment is what makes the difference between helping their clients develop effective coping mechanisms and actually transforming and healing their clients' core wounds and unlocking their innate resilience and life force so that it can animate their growth in an integrated way. 

Somatics & Embodiment

"Somatic" and "Embodiment" are buzzwords in the coaching world for a reason. Somatic awareness is one of the most catalytic forces for healing and transformation. But just like mindfulness, when a concept becomes mainstreamed it often loses its depth and potency. The truly liberating force of mindfulness can easily become just the next self-help tool for focus and relaxation, and somatics can be watered down to just leading some guided meditations and asking clients what they feel in their bodies. Somatics holds the key to liberating and rewiring us on the deepest level, but we can only offer that to others if we have gone on the journey ourselves.

Shadow & Parts Work

Come with me into the shadows. The energy that leads to real transformation is often hiding in the shadows. Integrating shadow parts allows our clients to access the aliveness they need to catalyze true growth and development. It also allows us to have way more fun and have way more impact. Parts work allows our clients to heal some of their deepest wounds, rewrite their limiting beliefs, overcome resistance, and align all of their parts powerfully with their developmental goals.

Conflict Transformation

Conflict is at the heart of what it means to be alive. It shows up in our relationships with our own mind, in our relationships with others, in communities, and in the global issues that threaten our shared future.  It is also a force that paves the way for exciting new possibilities and is fundamental to any understanding of evolution in ourselves and the world. And at the same time it can be incredibly painful, challenging, and confusing to be with.


I have trained individuals and groups around the country in a developmental approach to transforming conflict into growth. I have developed a framework for conflict transformation that integrates all of my other areas of expertise. This is the deeper dive you are looking for. In many ways, this is my life's work.

Geoff and I have had a mentoring relationship since 2015. Geoff is my go-to coach for issues related to conflict. He has a deep well of knowledge about the process of how people grow into their potential and how conflict is the soil in which growth occurs. He can easily see where I've been, where I am know, and guide me into the next phase by asking excellent questions that challenge me to find my own way forward.

Marta Vigerstad, LCSW

Work With Me

I offer coaching packages that are personalized to what you need. They can involve in-person sessions, daylong or weekend-long intensives, asynchronous voice messaging, video coaching calls, feedback on your coaching, and personal practices that will support your development that will help you grow in ways you couldn't have imagined.

I do not have a fixed fee. I establish a financial agreement with each client based on the scope of what we are doing and what is possible for them financially. I am committed to offering exceptional value. I fucking love what I do and have no desire to overcharge people so I can work very little and have a luxury lifestyle. 

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