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An Embodied Exploration of Death & Initiation

Facilitated by Charlotte James & Geoff Cox

A Monthlong Journey with a 3-Day In-Person Immersion

Fall & Winter 2024 Dates Coming Soon!

In this monthlong journey, we will come together in community to invite death to be our teacher and guide in living the deep questions inside our hearts.  We will explore how to deepen the pathways inside of us and our communities that allow us to metabolize life and death as a continual process of initiation into the fullest expression of our aliveness.

Together, with four other participants, you will have the space to let your inquiry support you in more fully living the life your soul has always longed to. You will get to practice your own dying as well as inhabiting the fullness of your aliveness in community ritual. 

Image by Emily Goodhart
Image by Дмитрий Хрусталев-Григорьев

Sacred Somatics:
Elemental Qi Gong

New Class Schedule Coming Soon!

​​Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese healthcare system that integrates physical postures, movements, breathing techniques, and focused intention. This class will be a somatic exploration of the fundamental elements of earth, fire, air, water, and space. We will learn qi gong movements to invite more energy, balance, and ease in the body while ​releasing stress and stagnation. 

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