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How I can Help You Grow & Flourish


Geoff has a knack for untangling my sneaky, subtle and intractable relationship issues. After years of meditation, self-help and visits to various healers, Geoff has been the one to actually help me have  more enjoyable and attuned relationships. He has a gentle and persistent way of creating a clearing inside me where new patterns can begin to take root. Geoff has trained extensively in his craft, but what he does comes from an intuitive gift that can't be taught.

Marta Vigerstad, LMSW



What is life asking of you?

10 years of coaching and mentoring have taught me what it takes to create and sustain real growth and development. I am committed to building real relationships that lead to real transformation. 

I Can Help You:

  • Navigate life transitions that require you to stretch, grow, and heal

  • Live more fully aligned with your values, purpose, and power

  • Develop greater emotional intelligence and emotional resilience

  • Release trauma that is held in the body

  • Take leadership and communication skills to the next level

  • Work skillfully with complexity and conflict in your work and relationships

  • Embody a greater sense of presence, strength, courage, and love


Relationship coaching will support you in deepening intimacy and understand the core relationship dynamics that are at play. You will develop skills to turn conflict into connection, repair trust, sustain passion, and grow joyfully together.  Relationship coaching (done both 1-on-1 and with couples) is one of the best investments you can make for your relationship. 

"I had done various kinds of talk therapy over many years but never really felt like I was getting to 'the heart of the matter' with it. Coaching with Geoff has helped me finally break through to the core issues that were coming up for me by intimately relating with deep trauma in my family of origin and insecure attachment in my relationships. In particular, Geoff's style of doing 'Parts Work' has put me in relationship with myself and my inner emotional life in a really profound way, and that has put me on a path of healthier relationships with my partner and my family."

Julia L. - University Professor


Our bodies and nervous systems tell the stories of both our resilience and our trauma. They also hold the key to our healing and growth. The way we hold ourselves, the way we breathe and the way we respond to stress are impacting what is possible for us in each moment.

Somatic Integration Bodywork is a acu-pressure based process of supporting your body's innate capacity for connection, dignity, and growth. Through this process, you will start to discover how your body is holding old stories that once served you but are now holding you back. By releasing both the old stories and the somaticized trauma held in your nervous system and muscles, you create space for a new level of connection between your body, mind, and spirit. 


Integral Fitness is personalized fitness training for the mind, body, and spirit.  It is a pathway for people of all body shapes, sizes, and ability levels to embody their full resilience and aliveness.

Imagine a work out routine that supports you not just in your physical health goals, but in your life goals. What would be possible if your strength training routine helped you show up with a greater sense of presence, power, and purpose? What would shift if your yoga practice more directly gave you the flexibility, stability, and focus to meet the complex challenges of your life?

In this dynamic training process, I combine my experience as a functional movement specialist, personal trainer, qi gong instructor, acupuncturist, meditation teacher, martial artist, dancer, somatic integration specialist and developmental coach to offer you a fun and personalized pathway to meet your health goals.


Resilience is our capacity to prepare for, bounce back from, and grow when faced with challenges and threat. Without personal and community resilience, even the best intentions will result in partial solutions, defensive patterning, and re-enacting the very things we are working to grow past.   

I support individuals and communities working for social change with:

  • Somatic Resilience Bodywork to release trauma held in the body.

  • Developmental coaching to support your nervous systems' capacities to meet threat and emotional intensity with insight, love, and courage instead of collapsing into the unhelpful aspects of fight, flight, and freeze we are biologically primed for.

  • Conflict mediation and communication training.

Leadership & Resilience
Relationship Coaching
Somatic Resilience
Somatic Integration Bodywok
Integral Fitness

I am committed to building real relationships that catalyze real change


Single Session Plan

Some of my clients prefer to do pay as you go for as-needed somatic integration bodywork, personal training, coaching, and relationship support.

This is a great option for folks who are just getting introduced to what I offer or for folks who are only interested in intermittent support.

Comprehensive Coaching

Comprehensive Coaching is by far the most efficient pathway I offer for growth and development. 

We break out of the arbitrary 1-hour a week therapeutic model and       co-create a coaching program that has everything you need to step fully into the new way of being that will let you live the life you meant to.


Sliding Scale for Social Change

I reserve space in my schedule so that I can offer sliding scale for folks working inside and outside the system on behalf of social and environmental change who are unable to afford my full fee.

Please contact me if you or your organization could benefit from my services.

Locations & Fees


I am currently seeing clients on Zoom and in person in the Charlottesville/Afton area of Virginia.


I do video coaching with clients all around the world using Zoom and asynchronous voice messaging apps like WhatsApp. Some of my coaching clients will also travel to me or have me travel to them for daylong or several-day intensives.


Comprehensive Coaching:  There is no set fee for Comprehensive Coaching because each program is highly personalized. If you are interested, please reach out and we explore what a coaching program would look like for you 

Packages and Single Session Fees: My monthly fee for 4 1-hour and 15-minute sessions (1/week) plus asynchronous WhatApp support between sessions is $800 - $1,000 depending on the level of asynchronous support.  The fee for a 1-hour session of coaching, Somatic Integration Bodywork, or Integral Fitness training is $160.

Sliding Scale: I reserve space in my schedule so that I can offer what I do to folks working inside and outside the system on behalf of social and environmental change who are unable to afford my full fee. Contact me for more information.

Locations & Fees
Contact Me

Contact Me

Please leave me a message with any questions you have about what I offer. I will respond within         1-2 working days. I look forward to connecting with you!

Prefer to chat on the phone?

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