I starting working with Geoff almost two years ago, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. With Geoff’s guidance and incredible skills, my body is more alive, my actions are more connected with my heart’s intentions, and my feet are more grounded on this earth.  What could have been a fairly predictable mid-life slump transformed into an extended and ongoing journey into the foundations of my being and a renewed sense of purpose.

Dr. Laura Mentore, Professor of Anthropology

We need to radically reshape and redefine what it means to be humans on this planet. I work with folks living the deep questions of meaning, purpose, and impact. 


I specialize in:

  • Developmental & Somatic Coaching 

  • Relationship & Resilience Counseling

  • Somatic Resilience Bodywork 

  • Personalized & Holistic Fitness

  • Conflict Coaching and Mediation 

  • Mentoring Coaches and Facilitators 


10 years of coaching and mentoring have taught me what it takes to create and sustain real growth and development. I draw on the leading edge of the psychotherapeutic arts, the science of resilience and adult development, exercise science, conflict transformation,  relational mindfulness, and Integral spirituality to support you in creating the inner and outer ecosystem of resilience that will help you live your purpose.


Each small somatic shift is a huge leap toward optimizing our system for connection, growth, resilience, and impact and is the foundation for creating the change you want in your relationships, your work, and the world. 

Somatic Resilience Bodywork involves bringing awareness to the limiting patterns that are held in our bodies and releasing them to create space for more life-giving and supportive patterns to emerge.



Resilience is our capacity to prepare for, bounce back from, and grow when faced with challenge.


Without personal and community resilience, even the best intentions will result in partial solutions, defensive patterning, and re-enacting the very things we are working to grow past.


Let's Co-Create

I am passionate about collaborating where somatic healing and developmental coaching meet climate justice, racial justice, and community resilience. If you have an idea for how we could collaborate or want to explore what might be possible, please...

Blue        Heart

Blue Heart is a membership-based organization that funds grassroots, movement-building organizations building political power in low-income communities and communities of color.

COMMITMENT 1:  I am committed to putting my money where my mouth is and donating at least 10% of what I earn to racial justice and climate justice organizations like those supported by Blue Heart.

COMMITMENT 2:  I am committed to offering my services at a sliding scale for folks working inside and outside the system on behalf of social and environmental justice that are unable to afford my full fee. 


Prefer to chat on the phone?


I do video coaching with clients all around the world using zoom, skype and asynchronous voice messaging apps like Voxer. Some of my coaching clients will also travel to me or have me travel to them for daylong or several-day intensives.

Please leave me a message with any questions that you have, and I will get back to you in 1-2 business days. 

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

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