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Qi Gong For Emotional Resilience

A Six-Week Series/Drop-In Class

Monday, October 19 - November 23

 7:00 - 8:00 PM EST (40 minutes of movement with an optional 10 minutes of guided deep rest Qi Gong at the end) 

No payment is required to attend this class. For those who are able and would like to make an offering, see the donation option below.

Has the pandemic made it harder for you to stay emotionally balanced in the midst of all the challenge and uncertainty?  Trauma and prolonged stress can cause our individual and collective nervous systems to end up in heightened states of fight, flight, freeze, submission, and disassociation.  This can make it hard to even get through the day, let alone show up the way we long to during this pivotal moment in history. Qi Gong is a mindful movement practice focused on nurturing the resilience and vitality deep inside of us through movement, breath, and connection with ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

Qi Gong Description

This Class will focus on:

  • Learning qi gong movements to invite more energy, balance, and ease in the body

  • Learning somatic techniques for balancing the nervous system and releasing activation energy that gets built up during chronic stress

  • Understanding the unique way that each of our nervous systems respond to threat and stress

  • Practicing emotional resilience skills

  • Creating a virtual community that is supportive, heartfelt, and playful

A few words on resilience...

True resilience allows us to meet challenges in a way that leverages our human capacity for creativity, cooperation, care, and courage instead of collapsing into the unhealthy aspects of our fight, flight, and freeze response. True resilience moves us toward healing and wholeness while building our individual and collective capacity to create more choice, dignity, and connection in our lives and communities.

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, movements, breathing techniques, and focused intention. It is a low-impact form of exercise that can be practiced by people of all fitness levels. It is also a fun way to get a good workout while developing power, stability, coordination, flexibility, and ease in both body and mind.


There is a new science of emotional resilience that comes out of a deepening understanding of neurobiology, relational neuroscience, and somatic therapeutic processes. In this class, I blend the ancient practice of qi gong with science-based practices for settling the nervous system and skillfully working with our survival energies (fight, flight, freeze, submit, and disassociate).

About Geoff

In addition to being a Qi Gong teacher, Geoff is a licensed acupuncturist, somatic trauma bodyworker, meditation teacher and developmental coach. For the past 15 years, Geoff has trained extensively in Qi Gong primarily through the study and practice of Ba Gua Zhang, as well as Tai Chi, Medical Qi Gong, and Zapchen Somatics. He is passionate about teaching Qi Gong as pathway for healing trauma and increasing individual and collective resilience.  Learn more about Geoff here.

 "Geoff's humble, genuine, and playful way of being masterfully engages students and empowers them to grow in self-awareness and self-love. As an instructor myself, I have learned a great deal from him about holding space, trusting the process, and finding more joy in teaching and learning."

- Polina Mischenko

Register Here

Fill out the form below to register. You will receive a confirmation email and a Zoom link that will work for all future classes. You will also receive weekly reminder emails shortly before each class with the link. There is no cost to register or attend. Read about Gift Economics below.

Qi Gong Registration

Gift Economics

Gift economics is a model where goods and services are given freely with no requirement of an exchange. I am choosing to offer these particular teachings as a gift. If you would like to support this work with a one-time or weekly financial gift, you can use the donate button below. No one is required to give, and no amount is too small or too big.          

I am operating on faith that if these teachings are valuable, those who are able to will help sustain them. I offer a lot of my work for no-cost or at a sliding scale to make my services as accessible as possible. Anything that you give directly contributes to my ability to do that more and do it in a financially sustainable way.  

Please do NOT give in a way that is a financial burden for you. 

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