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Embodied Liberation Coaching & Fundraiser

I'm offering a unique opportunity to support organizations working for racial and climate justice while doing a 2-month deep-dive coaching experience to more fully embody the values and change you are committed to.

50% of what you pay will go toward an organization or set of organizations you wish to support. Read more about my sliding scale and scholarship​ system here.

There are only two remaining spaces available for this offer.

I strongly believe that if we are committed to collective liberation, we must be committed to our own liberation. For those of us with racial or class privilege, we need to grow our capacity to hold the pain, possibility, and complexity of our world with a heart, mind, and nervous system that does not collapse into defensive patterning. We must be brave enough to lose control, to surrender so much that we discover the source of our real power.  We need to come home to the indigeneity of our own bodies, to live inside ourselves again, and free ourselves from the internal colonization that constrains the true longing of our life-force.  We must be willing to go into the shadows, not to root out that which is “bad,” but to embrace everything that was “other” and live into a greater sense of wholeness.  We need to discover a centered-accountability that allows us to live the question of right-relationship with the world from a felt-sense of our own innate worthiness. We have to honor what most deeply yearns to live through us and be brave enough to get out of the way.

Coaching will support you in:

  • Developing embodied emotional resilience

  • Practicing accountability fueled by love

  • Living from a deeper sense of aliveness, purpose, and wholeness

  • Lessening your need for the unsustainable fuels of anxiety, shame, self-judgment, and unworthiness

  • Putting down the armor of perfectionism, defensiveness, withdrawal, and disconnection

  • Increasing your capacity to grow through conflict and hold more complexity

  • Focusing your precious life-force on what matters most

We cannot dismantle white supremacy or decolonize ourselves with the same cultural and psychological tools we used to get here. As Kazu Haga says, “you cannot shame someone into transformation.” We also cannot fix ourselves, perfect ourselves, repress ourselves, restrain ourselves, or critically analyze ourselves into collective liberation. Only the fierce power of love can liberate us. It is only by relearning how to trust ourselves on a fundamental level that we can repair what has been broken inside of us. It is only by practicing living up to that trust everyday that we can make reparations in a world out of balance.


We will dive deeply into the beautiful and haunting questions that just won’t go away. What is longing to live through me? What brings me alive? What am I most committed to? What am I most challenged by? What contradictions and paradoxes are alive inside of me? What does it mean to be accountable during a time of such ecological uncertainty and social inequality?



Through the tools of somatic awareness, Integral Coaching, and parts work, we will discover where you are stuck in patterns that are no longer serving you.  By discovering how we constrain ourselves, we also discover the pathway to freeing ourselves into a new way of being that builds on our strengths while opening up new possibilities.



We will engage in embodiment practices that will create new possibilities in your life. Whether it is at work, in your relationships, in your activism, or in your art, you will be able to take new and meaningful actions that are a fuller expression of your values and commitments. 

Embodied Liberation Coaching

Developmental Coaching

Developmental coaching leverages the science and art of human development to catalyze real transformation.


Developmental coaching reveals the invisible meaning-making structures that shape what is possible in our lives and point us to that next critical step for opening up new ways of being, thinking, and acting in the world. 

Somatic Healing

Real change is embodied change. Working through the body allows us to heal protective trauma patterning and nervous system activation that no longer serves us.

Each small somatic shift is a big step toward optimizing our system for connection, growth, resilience, and impact. 

Parts & Shadow Work

Parts work allows us to heal some of our deepest wounds, rewrite our limiting beliefs, overcome resistance, and align all of our parts around our what matters most.

Integrating shadow parts allows us to experience more wholeness while freeing up the aliveness we need to catalyze true growth and development. 

Conflict Transformation

Conflict is a force that is fundamental to any understanding of evolution in ourselves and the world. At the same time, it can be incredibly painful, challenging, and confusing to be with.

I support folks in using conflict as a path for growth and relationship building.

About Geoff

I am a certified Integral Professional Coach™, a somatic trauma bodyworker, and a conflict mediator. I have spent the last fifteen years studying adult development, interpersonal neurobiology, holistic medicine, somatically-oriented trauma resolution, spiritual development, human attachment, and the science of resilience.  I have taught mindful communication, embodied leadership, and qi gong at the University of Virginia for the past four years. I am also a certified Integral Facilitator™ who leads retreats and workshops about trauma-informed meditation and conflict transformation around the country. You can learn more about me here.

"With Geoff’s guidance and incredible skills, my body is more alive, my actions are more connected with my heart’s intentions, and my feet are more grounded on this earth.  What could have been a fairly predictable mid-life slump transformed into an extended and ongoing journey into the foundations of my being and a renewed sense of purpose."

-Dr. Laura Mentore, Professor of Anthropology

Let's Talk

Let's Talk

This is a big commitment. Coaching is not a transactional relationship. If the magic of coaching is actually taking place, we will both be changed forever by it. I am in it with you. My liberation is bound to yours.

I would love to get to know you, understand what you are looking for, and answer any questions you have.  If you are interested, let's set up a consultation call, and if that goes well, we can set up a no-cost first session, so we can both experience what it feels like to work together. After that, we can talk about making a commitment. 

Take the first step:

Email me with questions at


Money as Accountability Practice

Now, let's start this potentially uncomfortable and hopefully liberating conversation about money. This 50/50 offer is an experiment designed to stretch both of us around questions of where our money, time and energy goes.  I am offering this 2-month deep-dive, which involves eight 1.25 hour sessions and unlimited asynchronous communication, at a sliding scale of $800-$1,600.  That means that if you offer $1,600, then $800 will go toward organizations you want to support. If you pay $800, that means you are donating $400 and paying only $400 for a high-value coaching program at an incredibly low rate. This is not a marketing scheme with a jacked-up price to make up for the money that will be going to justice organizations. That is the scale I would offer whether or not I was helping donate 50% of it. Paying at the higher end directly supports me in offering more of my services to folks who would not normally be able to afford it.

If the lower end of that scale is not accessible for you but you are still very interested, I encourage you to reach out directly. There are other options we can explore the make the program more financially available to you. 

NOTE: If you work for a justice-related or social change organization (broadly defined) and make less than a living wage, I am happy to offer 50% of the fee to support you and your organization in doing the work you are already doing.  In that case, you only have to pay half the program fee, and that will go toward my ability 

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