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Somatic Resilience for Social Justice


Resilience is the foundation of growth, evolution, impact, and joy. Without personal and community resilience, our revolutionary efforts will not lead to the world our hearts long to co-create.  We need to be able to hold all the pain, possibility, and complexity with a heart, mind, and nervous system that does not collapse into defensive patterning and enact a culture that leads to overwhelm, exhaustion, anger, isolation, rigid views, and us versus them thinking.


We need individuals and communities committed to radically embodying evolutionary purpose and developing our nervous systems' capacity to meet threat and emotional intensity with deep insight, fierce love, compassionate embrace, and open awareness instead of collapsing into the unhelpful aspects of fight, flight, and freeze we are biologically primed for.  Without resilience, even the best intentions will result in partial solutions, ineffective movements, and reinacting the very things we are working to grow past.

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How Can I Support You?

I am committed to offering my services at a sliding scale for revolutionaries and evolutionaries working inside, outside, and against the system on behalf of social and environmental justice as well as those folks who have disproportionately been harmed by racial monopoly capitalism with bodywork, resilience coaching, and mind-body training to support them in bringing deep insight, fierce love, compassionate embrace, and open awareness to the purpose they are committed to.

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