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Somatic Integration Bodywork

Our nervous system holds the key to our resilience. Our nervous systems have been deeply conditioned by our earliest connections with caregivers, the family and culture we grew up in, the human systems that either challenged or supported us, and our connection or lack of connection with other humans and the natural world. 


Building our capacity to meet challenging experiences and the pain of the world with resilience, joy, fierce love, creativity, courage, and care will allow us to liberate our nervous systems from disconnection, isolation, numbness, and defensive patterning.  Each small somatic shift is a huge leap toward optimizing our system for connection, growth, resilience, and impact and is the foundation for creating the change you want to see in our relationships, our work, and the world. 

I worked regularly with Geoff during a period of deep personal transformation in my life. His compassionate nature, genuine attentiveness, and empathetic guidance made an incalculable difference in my journey from chronic illness to radiant health. Through working with Geoff I feel that I have gained invaluable life skills I can use to navigate anything that the world has to offer.

Alex Leck, Photographer & Herbalist

Real Change is Embodied

Our bodies and nervous system hold the imprint of our history that tells a story both of our resilience and the ways that we still inhabit shapes that are no longer serving us. The way we hold tension in our body, the way we breathe, the way we walk, the way we respond to stress are dictating what is possible for us in each moment.

Somatic Integration Bodywork is not massage.  It is a touch-based process of supporting our body's innate capacity for potency, growth, expansiveness, aliveness, care, and courage. Through somatic integration bodywork, we start to discover how our body is holding old stories that once served us but are now holding us back. By releasing both the old stories and the physical tension held in our nervous system and muscles, we create space for a new shape to emerge. 

Somatic Integration Bodywork also involves making shifts in our alignment, breathing, movement and focus to allow our innate resilience and aliveness to lead the way into a more genuine and fulfilling shape we long to inhabit.

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