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a (r)evolutionary approach to personalized fitness training for

the mind, body and soul...

Cross Training Redefined

Integral Fitness is a pathway for people of all body shapes, sizes, and ability levels to embody their full resilience and aliveness

In this dynamic training process, Geoff combines his experience as a functional movement specialist, certified personal trainer, qi gong instructor, acupuncturist, meditation teacher, martial artist, dancer, somatic integration specialist and certified Integral Professional Coach to offer you a fun and personalized pathway to meet your holistic health goals

What is your life asking you to embody?

Exercise can be a profound accelerant for growing into the new way of being that will allow us to live with the most aliveness, connection, and purpose. It can just as easily be a coping strategy that allows us to feel healthy while reinforcing or covering over the habitual ways we show up in our life that aren't really serving us anymore.

A deep understanding of embodiment and development allows us to make small adjustments to how you are moving and inhabiting your body that lead to a huge leap toward optimizing your system for connection, growth, resilience, and impact and is the foundation for creating the change you want to see in our relationships, our work, and the world. 

A small shift in your grip, foot placement, breathing, alignment, or intention can lead to radically new possibilities for showing up in your life. Are you ready?

How do you want to grow?

  • Building our capacity to meet challenging experiences and the pain of the world with deep insight, fierce love, compassionate embrace, and selfless awareness that will allow us to liberate our nervous systems from the legacy of disconnection, isolation, numbness, and defensive patterning

  • develop the physical, emotional and spiritual resilience skills to meet the challenges of your life

  • expand your tolerance for both pain and joy

  • risk embodying both inner peace and inner power

  • move beyond rigid views and us versus them thinking

  • commit to learning to love yourself while living each day for something bigger than yourself.

  • A small shift in your grip, foot placement, breathing, alignment, or intention can lead to radically new possibilities 

  •  for showing up in your life.

What does an Integral Fitness Program look like?

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