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The Art of Embodied Resilience:

A Four Part Series

Getting Started
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4

Getting Started

1. Watch the Getting Started Video

2. Do the Practice & Reflection Exercises

3. Schedule a time (30 mins)

to do Module 1 

4.  Find a friend to join you on this journey as you Resilience Ally

Practice & Reflection

The purpose of this exercise is for you to deepen your ability to actually observe what is going on in a given moment.  It calls upon you to have some part of yourself watching or observing as the rest of you is doing/being however you are.  It requires you to be paying attention in a particular way.  The purpose is just to observe your current way of being, don’t try to change anything.  For the next two weeks, you will be observing yourself daily based on the questions below.  At the end of the day you will take 15-20 minutes to scan through the day to take note of what you observed.  At the end of each week, you will also be be reviewing what you have learned.  You may want to record your notes and observations in a journal each day/week.  The journal is your private space (you will not have to share it directly with me…) so feel free to write about all that goes on for you.



During the day, lightly observe yourself when you notice the internal tension that arises around expressing what you want or need in a situation. Bring your attention to your thoughts and the feelings and energy in your body.


At the end of each day, select one or two of these instances to review in greater detail.  Take 15-20 minutes to review these instances by writing down your answers to the following questions.


1.  What are the sensations in your body when you feel the tension around expressing your wants and needs?


2.  What are you afraid of? or How is the way of the Strategic Chameleon expressing care in this situation?


3.  How does the Strategic Chameleon respond and what does that provide?




At the end of each week, please take 30 minutes to read your journal entries and reflect on the following questions:


1.  What have you learned about the Strategic Chameleon?


2.  How does the way you respond effect you personally as well as the relationship?


3.  What ideas of yourself and the world does the Strategic Chameleon responses reinforce?

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