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Sophia Angelina Dallair

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Sophia Angelina Dallair has been asking the deep questions regarding the healing of the body, mind, and Spirit for almost 20 years.  In that time, she has found some deep answers on her journey.  

The stars first called Sophia in 2001, when she dove into the study of astrology, and is now a seer for an evolutionary astrology, giving agency to each soul through the magic of their free will by understanding the cycles between heaven and earth.


For 17 years, Sophia has practiced Qi healing through Reiki, acupressure-massage, and holistic counseling. In more recent years, German New Medicine, Qi Gong, martial arts, and Lemurian Shamanism have played an integral part in her tying together the aspects of duality to discover and guide others to the oneness, the place that embraces all the natural cycles as an inherent part of self and all beings.

In 2012, Sophia was introduced to Qi Gong by her colleague and teacher, Jay DeMaio. During the past 2 years she has deepened her practice training with both Jay and Michael Winn.  During the pause of 2020, Sophia has come full circle on her journey witnessing how our relationship to our inner elements and Nature’s elements are one, we are one, and the deeper the cultivation, here our inner alchemy is realized.

Through the wisdom gained from her initiation as a Lemurian Shamanism, Sophia guides women back to the magic of their wombs through healing sessions, women circles, and Belly Dance Qi Gong classes. This healing work also opens the way for the sacred masculine, where all life starts in the womb and connects us all in harmony when that Source is nourished.


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